Haverkamp Group
Real Estate

The challenge

Haverkamp Group had a site that they used to gain investor attention, and the previous website was set up on Wix. Haverkamp wanted to set up a new, WCAG-compliant website that would "wow" their investors and give investors a stunning first impression of Haverkamp Group and everything they have to offer. Wix has limitations in how eye-catching website designs can be, is not WCAG compliant, and has some security concerns. If their website were to get hacked, it would be a huge deterrent to investor interest and would make Haverkamp Group look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

The solution

Global Reach designed and developed a new website for Haverkamp Group. The new website was built to be WCAG compliant, resulting in a broader range of website users and improved search engine optimization (SEO). Global Reach set up project page templates for Haverkamp using SiteViz's new column editor, automatically styled tables, Google Maps embedding, and more great features that SiteViz has to offer. Through a seamless user interface, Haverkamp Group was also able to add their timeline events into this WCAG-compliant module instead of leaving their timeline in their non-compliant PDF packet used on the old website. Haverkamp Group was able to outline their staff to give a friendly image to their investors and to put faces to the organization. Finally, Haverkamp chose to display their companies using a SiteViz module on one of their interior pages, as well as a slider on their homepage.

Laptop view of Haverkamp Group's website created by Global Reach, one of the best realty web developers in Ames, Des Moines, Iowa and the midwest.

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