Technical Support

Along with so many web development services that CJC offers, the customer service, local connection, and ongoing technical support that our company offers will set us apart. It is naive to think that once your website has been developed and placed online, that you’ll never need your web development resources again.

Whether it’s a new email you need to set up, small updates to your website, or just a question about your CJC account, it’s good to know that you have a professional firm standing behind you.

Also, our Help Desk is managed in-house. We understand the stereotypical technology company’s help desk and you’ll be happy when a friend and real-life person answers the phone. This is just another small element that you’ll appreciate when you partner with Captain Jack Communications.

Maybe you have a question that’s been answered already, so be sure to check our resourceful FAQ.

Request Updates to Your Existing Website

Many clients have websites we help manage the content as needed. When information, photos, or other small changes are needed, CJC provides an easy way to submit these changes directly into the workload. Assuming there are no questions and the request has been well organized, you can simply send the request to or use our all-new Update Request Form.

Once the request is received, you’ll be notified and our team of developers will get to work for you. Most updates only take 3-5 business days to complete, so it’s nice to know that if changes are needed after your website initially goes online, our firm is there to make it happen for you!

If you’re thinking about a more advanced update to your website or just have questions about this process and whether your update should go through the automated system, we welcome you to contact our Professional Consulting Team.