A screen full of SEO-related terms implemented by Captain Jack's. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of modern business websites. Unfortunately, most commercial websites do little to promote their business effectively. Why? Because many website developers simply do not have the time or expertise to construct your website in a way that places it in a prime position for attracting visitors.

At Captain Jack Communications, we understand the importance of online visibility. We partner with the talented digital marketing team at our parent company to boost your digital presence. Their comprehensive SEO strategies have been developed to help thousands of websites achieve first-page results on Google and Bing. Using our tools and talent, we will work to place you on the first page as well, turning your website into a true asset for your business or organization. Our success is driven by a variety of proven methods, including:

  • Keyword Research: We collaborate with you to select the top 5 keyword phrases that best reflect the main focus of your site and will use those to optimize your content.
  • Meta Tags: Our experts optimize your site’s code with relevant tags that assist search engines in correctly finding and cataloging your website.
  • Directory Submission: Our comprehensive search engine package includes submission to the top website directories on the Internet. Additionally, we offer expert Google Adwords advice to either jump-start your listing or maintain a strong presence among the top paid results on Google.
  • Link Building and Popularity: Our SEO strategy includes fostering connections with some of the web’s most popular sites, which link back to yours. We utilize various ethical methods, including using our own websites to facilitate automatic discovery of your website by search engines, fostering a more organic way to get your site listed.
  • Sitemaps: We go beyond the basics by not only providing sitemaps on the website itself through custom coding and plugins but also by configuring our servers to generate a helpful "404" page that contains a sitemap. We then submit your sitemaps to numerous repositories on the Internet, including Google and Bing!

We Operate By A Code Of Excellence

Our primary objective is to ensure your website is seen by the people who matter most – your customers. Don't hesitate to request a search engine ranking report for your current site and discover how our SEO experts might be able to enhance your online presence and boost your website's conversion rates.

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