Iowa Office of Ombudsman

The challenge

The Iowa Office of Ombudsman's initial website was a subsection of the Iowa Legislature website. The Ombudsman pages were difficult to navigate, which was ineffective in assisting the public. In addition to being difficult to find, the web pages were bland, outdated, and not mobile-friendly. The Iowa Office of Ombudsman was looking for a way to present their content in a user-friendly and interactive way. Their goal was to attract people to their website to gain knowledge about their services and processes and then quickly direct them to the appropriate resources for an effective outcome.

The solution

Global Reach designed an eye-catching website highlighting the architectural and historical values of the Iowa Office of Ombudsman. The easily navigable website presents a user-friendly way for patrons to quickly locate necessary resources using a variety of devices (desktop, tablet, phone, etc.). The website’s functionality includes organizational features supported by the Files, FAQ, and Resources modules in SiteViz Premier. A custom module for Complaint Management was also developed. This custom module allows visitors to navigate through a series of categorical boxes to obtain accurate information about who, where, and how to file various complaints. Submission forms are used throughout the website to allow for complaints to be filed and for visitors to request additional guidance. The website now allows visitors to gain knowledge about what the Office of Ombudsman can and cannot do as well as easily obtain resources for an effective outcome.

Multiple device view of the Iowa Office of Ombudsman's website created by Global Reach, one of the best government web developers in Iowa and the U.S.

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