Aug 12, 2010

When looking to start a company website, many people don’t realize the work and upkeep that goes into having a successful online presence. How you view and interact with your online presence will reflect on how beneficial it will be for you.

With any project it is wise to plan ahead. Whether you just want a simple informational website or a dynamic complex one planning is vitial to keep the development process moving and on track. Little things like having your content in final form or predetermining what you do want to accomplish helps. We can definitely aid you with these if needed but identifying the needs early will make for faster development.

Another thing to think about when beginning website development is that we (or the company you select) will not know every facet of your company. Keep this in mind when you want help writing content or features to function based on how your company operates. You are going to know your company best.

When developing a website, the time it takes until completion is generally proportional to amount of features and complexity it will have. If you want everything and the kitchen sink right away you will be looking at a longer development cycle than if you started small and planned on growing over time. Starting with a list of needs that the website is suppose to fulfill will go a long way to determining time and cost.

Once your website is live you should be thinking of advertizing and engaging with your community. While we can help you rank well on search engines, you should be promoting your website in all forms including word of mouth and other offline means such as tv/radio/newspaper/magazine ads. Online methods can include newsletters and social media (twitter, facebook, etc). Keeping active with your online community can have instant benefits. Utilizing social media can help drive traffic to your site use it wisely and use it often.

Hopefully, this will help you prepare for the website development process. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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