Please be patient when sites are submitted to search engines. In most cases, your site will not be listed for 4 – 6 weeks.

The reason it takes so long to get logged into the search engines is out of our hands. Once the website is built and programmed for the search engines it is immediately submitted. This is the point at which the process slows down. On submission, we simply request to the search engine that they log the site. The search engine company will receive this request, but they receive hundreds if not thousands more on the same day. Once the search engine finally reaches you in its list (day or weeks later) they then have to go and look at your site, gather the keywords, and rank the site based on the relevancy of your keywords and other information. Only after all this, the site will finally show up on the search engine lists.

If you submit your site to paid search engines expect a faster turnaround, as there aren’t as many requests for this service as for the free services.

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