Sometimes very large attachments will get stuck on the server. If an attachment is over 3 megabytes there is a chance it will get stuck and block all of your other email until it is deleted. To delete the huge file follow these steps.

  1. Go to your webmail location in a web browser (usually
  2. Put in your email address and password. (if you don’t know your password you will have to call in to get it)
  3. After doing so your email will be displayed in a list on the screen. Find the one with the large size (usually on top) and delete it.
  4. Go back to your email program and try to receive your email again.

If the above doesn’t work or seems to be a problem, then look in your email settings to make sure the username and password are correct. Also make sure the incoming and outgoing mail servers are set to “”, where your domain name equals your website address.

Spam in the subject

Because of spam, (unwanted e-mail) the subject line in your email may contain a word that is used often by spammers. Our mail servers are constantly updated with new spam lists that block the sending of emails with particular words in the subject line. A solution is to change the topic in the subject area or remove the topic and re-send the e-mail. Also note, attachments with .exe, .bat and other extensions will not go through either. It is best to .zip files for attachments.

Virus Protection Installed

If you have recently installed Norton Anti-Virus or a similar program you may need to recheck and reset your mail settings. If you have forgotten your username and password, please call.

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