I need to update my website, who do I contact?

We receive dozens of requests each week for anything from address and name changes to major site rebuilds to give the website a new look and feel. If you are thinking about changes to your website, contact us:

  1. If you’ve already been working closely with a programmer on a daily basis, you may call and work directly with them.
  2. If it’s been a while or you have new ideas for change, send an email to updates@captainjack.com
  3. Of course, you’re welcome to contact a Sales Associate, we’re just a phone call away – 515-246-0000.

Send a detailed email updates@captainjack.com to get directly into our processing systems for the most expedient handling of your request.


Work is clocked in 15-minute increments and includes talking with you by phone, reading and answering emails, tracking and documenting your changes, and in general all time relative to meeting your needs.

Work for normal updates will are usually completed within 3-5 business days after we receive it.

Rush charges will apply if you request faster completion than a normal update, and will be billed as an additional percentage to the total work time. Usually, these are fairly quick text and scheduling or pricing changes, and a rush charge helps compensate other customers for being “bumped” and gets your web-viewing customers new information as fast as possible.

RUSH – Guaranteed start within 1 business day.

Why can't I see the changes to my website?

There are two main reasons this may happen. First, double check to make sure the address is correct. If the address seems to be fine and the page still isn’t updating with the new content then your browser may be caching the pages. To clear the cache, try holding down the ctrl key and press f5 once. If that doesn’t work follow these steps.


  1. On the top click “Tools” then “Options.”
  2. Along the left side click “Privacy.”
  3. On the right go down to “Cache” and click the “Clear” button.
  4. Click “OK” then go to the page you wish to view and hit the “Reload” button on the top of your browser.

Internet Explorer

  1. On the top Click “Tools” then “Internet Options.”
  2. Then in the middle of that menu click “Delete Files” and below that click “Clear History.
  3. Click”OK” then go to the page you wish to view and click the “Refresh” button on the top of your browser.


  1. On the top click “Safari” then “Empty Cache”
  2. Go to the page you wish to view and hit the “Reload” button on the top of your browser.
Why isn't my site listed in the search engines yet?

Please be patient when sites are submitted to search engines. In most cases, your site will not be listed for 4 – 6 weeks.

The reason it takes so long to get logged into the search engines is out of our hands. Once the website is built and programmed for the search engines it is immediately submitted. This is the point at which the process slows down. On submission, we simply request to the search engine that they log the site. The search engine company will receive this request, but they receive hundreds if not thousands more on the same day. Once the search engine finally reaches you in its list (day or weeks later) they then have to go and look at your site, gather the keywords, and rank the site based on the relevancy of your keywords and other information. Only after all this, the site will finally show up on the search engine lists.

If you submit your site to paid search engines expect a faster turnaround, as there aren’t as many requests for this service as for the free services.

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