For most FTP programs you will need to set up the remote information. This is the information that will enable you to connect to the remote system. This information will be provided to you and include the following.

  • hostname/address (ie “”)
  • logon (ie “cjlogon”)
  • password (ie.”pass453″)

After filling in the information you will be able to hit connect. After a short wait, you will be connected to the server where your website is being hosted. There are initially two screens:

  • The Remote Screen
  • The Local Screen

The remote screen shows all the files on the server. The local side shows all the files on your computer. To update a file, simply drag it from the remote side to your local side. This will download the file to your computer. Then go to the directory where you downloaded the file and open it. Make your updates and save. Then go back to The FTP program and now drag the file from your local side back over to the remote server. The page is now updated.

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