How can I speed up my domain name transfer?

Have your username and password for where your domain is registered. (ie. network If you don’t know where your domain is registered then your current host may own it, or may have registered it for you. Get their contact information and let them know you are transferring your domain name to a Captain Jack Communications, LLC. If they cooperate the transfer should be fairly simple. However, in some cases they do not cooperate. In this case you will need to call the domain registrar (ie. network solutions) and request that your domain either be transferred to the host servers below or get the log and password to edit your domain.

Name Server 1:
Name Server 2:

Where do I find a new/different domain name?

You can search for your own domain name by using the tool on the page below. When you have chosen the domain name you would like, simply call in and we will purchase it for you.

🔎Search for your domain name

How do I transfer my domain away from Captain Jack Communications?

In order to protect our customers against unauthorized or fraudulent domain changes, we must obtain written authorization meeting the following criteria:

  • Written on Company letterhead
  • Specify domain name(s) that are transferring out
  • Signed by the Company Owner, President or CEO
  • Letters must be mailed or faxed to our office (mailing address and fax number are listed below)
  • Email and telephone requests will not be honored without written authorization, per above standards

If all bills are paid in full, the domain(s) will be released (unlocked) for transfer.

Transfer information will then be emailed or faxed to the customer.

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