Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please call us at (515) 246-0000.

Domain Related Questions

How can I speed up my domain name transfer?

Have your username and password for where your domain is registered. (ie. network If you don’t know where your domain is registered then your current host may own it, or may have registered it for you. Get their contact information and let them know you are transferring your domain name to a Captain Jack Communications, LLC. If they cooperate the transfer should be fairly simple. However, in some cases they do not cooperate. In this case you will need to call the domain registrar (ie. network solutions) and request that your domain either be transferred to the host servers below or get the log and password to edit your domain.

Name Server 1:
Name Server 2:

Where do I find a new/different domain name?

You can search for your own domain name by using the tool on the page below. When you have chosen the domain name you would like, simply call in and we will purchase it for you.

Search for your domain name here

How do I transfer my domain away from Captain Jack Communications?

In order to protect our customers against unauthorized or fraudulent domain changes, we must obtain written authorization meeting the following criteria:

  • Written on Company letterhead
  • Specify domain name(s) that are transferring out
  • Signed by the Company Owner, President or CEO
  • Letters must be mailed or faxed to our office (mailing address and fax number are listed below)
  • Email and telephone requests will not be honored without written authorization, per above standards

If all bills are paid in full, the domain(s) will be released (unlocked) for transfer.

Transfer information will then be emailed or faxed to the customer.

Website Related Questions

I need to update my website, who do I contact?

We receive dozens of requests each week for anything from address and name changes to major site rebuilds to give the web site a new look and feel. If you are thinking about changes to your web site, contact us:

  1. If you’ve already been working closely with a programmer on a daily basis, you may call and work directly with them.
  2. If it’s been awhile or you have new ideas for change, send an email to
  3. Of course you’re welcome to contact a Sales Associate, we’re just a phone call away – 515-246-0000.

Send a detailed email to get directly into our processing systems for the most expedient handling of your request.


Work is clocked in 15-minute increments and includes talking with you by phone, reading and answering emails, tracking and documenting your changes, and in general all time relative to meeting your needs.

Work for normal updates will are usually completed within 3-5 business days after we receive it.

Rush charges will apply if you request faster completion than a normal update, and will be billed as an additional percentage to the total work time. Usually these are fairly quick text and scheduling or pricing changes, and a rush charge helps compensate other customers for being “bumped” and gets your web viewing customers new information as fast as possible.

RUSH – Guaranteed start within 1 business day.

Why can’t I see the changes to my website?

There are two main reasons this may happen. First double check to make sure the address is correct. If the address seems to be fine and the page still isn’t updating with the new content then your browser may be caching the pages. To clear the cache, try holding down the ctrl key and press f5 once. If that doesn’t work follow these steps.


  1. On the top click “Tools” then “Options.”
  2. Along the left side click “Privacy.”
  3. On the right go down to “Cache” and click the “Clear” button.
  4. Click “OK” then go to the page you wish to view and hit the “Reload” button on the top of your browser.

Internet Explorer

  1. On the top Click “Tools” then “Internet Options.”
  2. Then in the middle of that menu click “Delete Files” and below that click “Clear History.
  3. Click”OK” then go to the page you wish to view and click the “Refresh” button on the top of your browser.


  1. On the top click “Safari” then “Empty Cache”
  2. Go to the page you wish to view and hit the “Reload” button on the top of your browser.

Why isn’t my site listed in the search engines yet?

Please be patient when sites are submitted to search engines. In most cases your site will not be listed for 4 – 6 weeks.

The reason it takes so long to get logged into the search engines is out of our hands. Once the web site is built and programmed for the search engines it is immediately submitted. This is the point at which the process slows down. On submission we simply request to the search engine that they log the site. The search engine company will receive this request, but they receive hundreds if not thousands more on the same day. Once the search engine finally reaches you in its list (day or weeks later) they then have to go and look at your site, gather the keywords and rank the site based on the relevancy of your keywords and other information. Only after all this, the site will finally show up on the search engine lists.

If you submit your site to paid search engines expect a faster turn around, as there aren’t as many request for this service as for the free services.

Email Related Questions

How do I setup my email program?

We will provide you with the following:

  1. User Name (ie. billy)
  2. Password (ie. bil234ly)
  3. Incoming Mail Server (ie.
  4. Outgoing Mail Server (ie.

Find where these fields are located for your email program and enter the supplied text. Most often the email setup box is under the menu tools/options or tools/accounts.

Why isn’t my email working?

Sometimes very large attachments will get stuck on the server. If an attachment is over 3 megabytes there is a chance it will get stuck and block all of your other email until it is deleted. To delete the huge file follow these steps.

  1. Go to your webmail location in a web browser (usually
  2. Put in your email address and password. (if you don’t know your password you will have to call in to get it)
  3. After doing so your email will be displayed in a list on the screen. Find the one with the large size (usually on top) and delete it.
  4. Go back to your email program and try to receive your email again.

If the above doesn’t work, or seem to be a problem, then look in your email settings to make sure the username and password are correct. Also make sure the incoming and outgoing mail servers are set to “”, where your domain name equals your website address.

Spam in the subject

Because of spam, (unwanted e-mail) the subject line in your email may contain a word that is used often by spammers. Our mail servers are constantly updated with new spam lists that block the sending of email with particular words in the subject line. A solution is to change the topic in the subject area or remove the topic and re-send the e-mail. Also note, attachments with .exe, .bat and other extension will not go through either. It is best to .zip files for attachments.

Virus Protection Installed

If you have recently installed Norton Anti-Virus or a similar program you may need to recheck and reset your mail settings. If you have forgotten your username and password, please call.

What is a SPAM Firewall? What does it cost? How do I sign up?

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please call us at (515) 246-0000.

SPAM Protection Options:

  • Options to choose from
  • No setup fee for current customers
  • No term contracts

FTP Related Questions

What is FTP?

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. This is a program that enables your computer to communicate with a remote computer. Once this communication is established you can then transfer files between the two computers. The reason for doing so may be to update a web site. If you need to update a page you can then connect to the server grab the page you need, update it, then put it back on the server.

How do I use FTP?

For most FTP programs you will need to set up the remote information. This is the information that will enable you to connect to the remote system. This information will be provided to you and include the following.

  • hostname/address (ie “”)
  • logon (ie “cjlogon”)
  • password (ie.”pass453″)

After filling in the information you will be able to hit connect. After a short wait you will be connected to the server where you web site is being hosted. There are initially two screens:

  • The Remote Screen
  • The Local Screen

The remote screen shows all the files on the server. The local side show all the files on your computer. To update a file, simply drag it from the remote side to your local side. This will download the file to your computer. Then go to the directory where you downloaded the file and open it. Make your updates and save. Then go back to The FTP program and now drag the file from your local side back over to the remote server. The page is now updated.