Charalambides Christis
Hospitality / Entertainment / Media

The challenge

Charalambides Christis, the largest and longest-running dairy company in Cyprus, came to Global Reach with the request to develop a website that will highlight the country's main export product, the  traditional Cyprus Halloumi.  Up until that point, there was not a single website (government or private) dedicated specifically to Halloumi.

The solution

Global Reach developed a website that puts Halloumi front and center as a product that is an integral part of Cyprus identity and at the very same time a pillar for the Charalambides Christis Corporate Identity.  Visitors can learn everything there is to know about Halloumi, the types of Halloumi, its history, how it's made, its nutritional information and discover amazing recipes that include Halloumi as their main ingredient!

Multi Devlice Halloumi Website
Halloumi Website on a mobile device
Halloumi website on a laptop

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