Fort Dodge Community School District

The challenge

Fort Dodge Community School District was ready for a re-design, and a back-end overhaul. With so much information to manage and make accessible to a diverse set of users, an easy-to-use solution was a must.

The solution

With SiteViz Premier, FDCSD now has the capability of managing all website pages via one control panel chock full of options - creating left and right side navigation, adding videos and photos, and organizing documents for users to download. The custom website design and site structure make it easy for students, parents, and staff to navigate. In addition, the website has been designed and programmed to be accessible to those with disabilities.

Laptop view of Fort Dodge Community School District's website made by Global Reach, one of the best education web designers in Iowa and the midwest
Fort Dodge Community School District website showcase created by Global Reach, a leader in education web design in Iowa and the midwest.

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