Mar 24, 2011

The number one issue the plagues our customers is old browsers.  It can cause your website to display incorrectly, updates not to show up right,  it also may cause slow surfing and security vulnerabilities. If you are suffering from any of these issues, check the browser version you are currently using, most likely: You’re browser is out of date.


Find out what version you are using

Internet Explorer: If you are using Internet Explorer  check the settings of your Windows machine through the “Help Menu” and then select tools.  IE just released version 9, so anything below that is technically out of date. Here at Captain Jack, we do not write code for anything below Internet Explorer 6. It is too old— even Microsoft, the creators of Internet Explorer, do not support it any longer.

If you are using IE 6 your browser is 10 years old. Would you ever go 10 years without changing the oil in your car? No. Because your car would be dead. This is similar to your browser. If you have not updated in 10 years it is not functioning properly and we cannot recommend enough that you update it.

Firefox: Firefox just released a new version also.  On a Mac machine you can find the current version by selecting “Firefox” and then “About Mozilla Firefox.”  On a Windows machine you can find it “Help” and “About Firefox.”

Download the latest version of your browser here:

Internet Explorer



Edit: As of March 28, 2011, Firefox 4 has reached over 38 million downloads

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