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Now more than ever, our clients are looking into new and exciting ways to reach their market. Social media marketing is something everyone is aware of, but few people fully understand. Captain Jack Communications has hands on experience with social media and can help guide your company to a beneficial approach of using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Company Blogs, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the endless list of other networks that can drive your message to a whole new level.

Understanding and succeeding within the social media landscape is easier said than done. For this reason, we have developed a unique social media consulting service that allows us to work with your company on an ongoing basis. Initial work is directed towards developing a plan and looking at different social media outlets to determine which ones may offer the most opportunity for you and your company. Once the research, planning, and ground work is complete; we consult with you to provide ongoing encouragement, insight, and ideas to keep your objectives on track and moving forward.

Many people say they know a lot about social media, but CJC is driven by experience and a focus on reporting a proven return on investment. We also understand the benefits social media can offer in your search engine optimization objectives, which often times are overlooked. There are ways to utilize these tools in almost every market, so depending on how much consulting your company desires, we’ve developed numerous monthly packages to fit your company’s needs.

Contact Us today and let’s chat about how we can connect you to the interactive opportunities that exists in the social media environment!