Search Engine Rankings as of 2/4/2010

All of the results shown below are search engine results of websites ranked on the first page from Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines.

How to read these results: Look at the first result, it says if you were using Yahoo Search Engine, January 26, 2010, and you type in “video game community”, Jet Set Studio, the website was ranked number 2 out of 1,180,000,000 web sites that contain the words “video game community.” Rankings can change from day to day, but in general, these websites rank in the top 10 most of the time.

Why is being ranked important? Studies show that nearly 80% of people searching for businesses or products online will never go to the second page of a search engine result. You may have superior products at superior prices, but without the right search engine optimization, the vast majority of customers will never find you online.

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