Iowa Web Hosting

Website hosting is our specialty, with direct connections to Chicago—the Internet backbone in the Midwest—CJC offers a full range of in-house hosting capabilities. We are proud to be a leader in Iowa Web Hosting, with clients not only in Iowa but also around the entire country. In addition, the acquisition of CJC by Global Reach has led to advancements in security for Des Moines web hosting clients.

Here is a sampling of where some of our satisfied clients are from:

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Standard Website Hosting

Ranging from $11.95/month to $119.95/month, your individual web hosting package is determined by the resources it will require.  By breaking up our plans into specific criteria, we can make sure your Iowa web hosting package is perfect for your needs.  The factors determining your web site hosting package include:

  • Website Statistics frequency
  • Email Solutions with Barracuda spam protection
  • Bandwidth (transfer) requirements
  • Server Space
  • Unique or shared IP Address

Virtualized Website Hosting

For our more complex projects requiring more resources than a normal hosting package can offer, our team can develop a virtualized environment for your website, enhancing hosting capabilities. Virtualized Website Hosting includes all that Standard Website Hosting includes, and expands upon those resources to meet your specific needs. Pricing for this Iowa web hosting service varies, but starts at $149/month. Contact Us for more insight on what hosting solution your project will require.

Dedicated Website Hosting

When a client needs all that a web server can provide in order to drive their online objectives, we are able to provide a powerful and reliable hosting solution. With access to your own physical server, your website (or websites) will have access to everything we can possibly provide. Very large websites, highly trafficked websites, and companies that want to own their own hosting environment take advantage of dedicated server hosting. Pricing starts at $249/month. Additional fees are based on who (you or us) owns the server and what type of setup and resources are necessary. Contact us for details.

Domain Registration

Do you have your domain name registered yet? If not, we can help develop a strong URL that will give your site the visibility it deserves. We also have SEO-oriented insight on how to build your website around the domain name.

Friendly Technical Support

The customer relationship that comes along with our website hosting services is one of our biggest assets. It’s like having your own IT staff. If you have any issues with your website, email, or just have a question about your online environment; we have dedicated staff to serve you. Frustrated with calling out of state?  Our technical support is local at our location, proving we not only offer the best in Iowa web hosting, but also the support you need. We proud use Surgemail from NetWin for our email services.

Technical Stuff

iowa web hostingNo matter which hosting approach is selected, our entire family of Iowa web hosting solutions is backed by our experienced CJC team. The development of your project may be your main investment, but once the site is completed and online, we want to make sure we give your website the best support as customers visit it every day.

We pride ourselves in offering the friendliest, most reliable web hosting available in Des Moines.  Other companies or individuals may host their website remotely in another state, or sometimes even on a DSL line – but CJC knows the value in doing things the right way. Each one of our servers is set up individually by an expert and configured entirely in-house.

A few technical highlights you may enjoy about our unique in-house hosting services are:

  • Crash-Free & Stable Servers – 99.99% Reliability
  • Climate Controlled
  • On & Offsite Server Backup Support
  • Self-Maintained Power Backup
  • 5% Server Capacity Limitations
  • Heavy Web Traffic Experience (CJC Websites Average 21,500 Hits/Month)
  • Direct Connections to the Internet Backbone in Chicago

You will not outgrow our hosting capabilities, so if you need a local, reliable, and affordable web hosting firm, please contact us today!