If your business or organization has products or services that can be sold online, CJC offers a secure and effective way to open up your own e-commerce store and start selling.

Whether you have 10 products or 10,000 CJC has a solution that can efficiently build an e-commerce element into your existing or new website. Although it is easier to build e-commerce into a website we developed or are building; we are able to place e-commerce elements into existing sites.

Depending on the number of products you plan to offer on your website, we will customize the approach to fit your needs. For a smaller number of products, a custom form is the best option. Whereas, for a large number of products our custom shopping carts give you the capacity to add, modify or delete items as needed.

Online Security

Regardless of the specific e-commerce solution implemented, CJC develops and hosts the industry standard best practice, using PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to manage the risk and liability of processing cardholder data. So you can feel safe knowing you and your customers are being protected.

Automatic Credit Card Processing

As your online business expands, managing orders is easy and efficient with our automatic credit card processing tools. We are able to streamline the purchasing process while maintaining the security needed to ensure your customers and your business are safe. A user’s payment will be received on your website and we can program this payment to be received by a credit card processing service before ending up directly in your bank account.

Integrated Shipping

Shipping can be a complicated and expensive part of an online business. CJC can help connect shipping costs to your shopping cart to make a seamless experience for your valued customers.

Whatever your e-commerce needs, Captain Jack Communications has a solution for you. Use our Website Ideas Form to let us know how we can help you achieve your vision.