May 30, 2023

Throughout the month of May, the web designers and developers at Global Reach worked on a wide variety of websites, with three new sites completed and launched this month. Learn more about the challenges and solutions the team at Global Reach tackled on these three new websites! 

Heyl Royster

law firm website design project - Global Reach

The Challenge 

Heyl Royster is a large, seasoned Midwestern law firm with over 110 years of experience. Their former website was outdated, cluttered with over 1,000 pages of largely irrelevant content, and did not adequately represent the caliber of their firm and its practicing attorneys. It was not friendly to mobile users and was difficult for website administrators to manage. Heyl Royster started to suspect their antiquated site was hurting recruitment efforts, so they decided it was time to start fresh. They wanted a new website that would make them stand out from other law firms while also being easier for the firm to manage.

The Solution 

Heyl Royster’s new website is a showstopper, with nearly every page having an eye-catching, custom design. From the attorney bios to the firm history timeline to the office locations, careers, and practice areas pages, every single aspect of the website is thoughtfully planned and executed. The attorney bio pages reflect the talent of the attorneys with easy-to-navigate tabs for credentials, practice areas, presentations, publications, and noteworthy cases. The custom timeline has a striking design that showcases milestones from the firm’s remarkable history. Practice areas pages highlight the various specializations with user-friendly tabs to find the practice’s attorneys, chairs, notable cases, and relevant news and events for the practice. The careers page has sections where prospective applicants can find information on every team in the firm, openings, benefits, diversity & inclusion, and company culture.

The new website uses the SiteViz Premier content management system, which makes website management easy and efficient for administrative users. Using modules developed specifically for law firms, admins can easily add attorneys and assign them to practice groups, locations, events, and news articles. This eliminates the need for duplicate content entry, as the appropriate fields are dynamically populated with the relevant information.

With a new and improved site design, Heyl Royster wanted to ensure that their website reached as many users as possible. All of the content on the new site was deliberately chosen, with the most relevant information from the former site carried over. Using data from Google Analytics, Global Reach was able to identify the most significant pages of the former site to bring over to the new site. All content on the new website was optimized with SEO in mind, leading to increased traffic and visibility.

Nittobo America Inc.

May website design project - Global Reach

The Challenge

Nittobo America Inc. is comprised of manufacturing facilities for three respected brands of immunodiagnostic products. Nittobo created its former website with Global Reach over a decade ago. At the time it was made, the site design and content management system (SiteViz Pro) were cutting-edge. As the years went on, new web design trends evolved, and Global Reach created an even better, more robust content management system (SiteViz Premier) and Nittobo decided it was time to upgrade.

The Solution 

Nittobo's new website is fully responsive for mobile users, has a user-friendly sticky header, and is easy to navigate with well-organized and relevant content. Additionally, administrative users showcase their upcoming tradeshows using the events module, which dynamically lists the events in a featured content box on their homepage. The new website features a more modern, organized design and more robust website features to benefit both website administrators and visitors.

Farmers Bank & Trust 

bank website design project - Global Reach

The Challenge

Farmers Bank & Trust has provided financial services to community members, businesses, and farmers throughout Mississippi County and the surrounding region since 1908. This client was in search of a content management solution (CMS) that would enable them to maintain WCAG compliance for their website. This was a crucial concern for the bank as they aimed to deliver exceptional financial services to their customers. Their previous website solution required constant maintenance to ensure their site remained WCAG-compliant and accessible, which posed a significant challenge. 

The Solution 

Farmers Bank & Trust chose to adopt SiteViz as their chosen Content Management Solution (CMS) to address their WCAG compliance needs. SiteViz was selected due to its built-in WCAG compliance, providing a seamless solution to keep the website accessible to all users. By switching to SiteViz, the bank eliminated the need for constant maintenance required by their previous website solution to ensure WCAG compliance.

Additionally, Farmers Bank & Trust subscribed to recurring WCAG services offered by Global Reach, ensuring continuous adherence to evolving accessibility standards. This commitment to website accessibility not only upholds the bank's core value of providing exceptional financial services to all customers but also showcases its dedication to inclusivity. Now, Farmers Bank & Trust is able to continually provide a fully accessible website experience for users while saving time, money, and effort for website administrators. 

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