2005 Best of Des Moines Award

Best Internet Service Provider – Captain Jack Communications

Captain Jack Communications has been named Best Internet Service Provider by the Des Moines Business Record.  Below is the article as it originally appeared.

Sunday, August 07, 2005
Article written by Business Record Staff

Web hosting is Captain Jack Communications, LLC specialty, and company president Bill “Captain Jack” Dennis said that’s evident in the company’s products and dependability.

“We just try to have the best of everything at a reasonable price,” said Dennis, who founded the Ankeny business in 1994. His customers pay as little as $9.95 per month for Internet service, depending on their level of usage.

Dennis said Captain Jack Communications, LLC Web hosting and Internet service customers benefit from the company’s investment in technology. Several T1 lines connect the company with either Des Moines or Chicago, the Internet backbone of the Midwest.

“We diversify ourselves so that if one T1 line goes down for some reason, we’ll still be able to operate using the others,” he said.

“We monitor our servers 24-7. If a server has any sort of problem it notifies us and dials us up and pages us if we are not on site. Even at night, it will beep us and tell us to take care of them. We pretty much keep everyone online 24-7.”