Nov 18, 2021

Global Reach Internet Productions has been very busy since acquiring CJC! Learn more about Global reach and stay up to date with news, blogs, and more! Get all of the latest industry news, updates, articles, and resources. Keep up on awards and developments here at Global Reach in both our U.S. and Cyprus offices.  Read […]

Dec 2, 2011

I am pleased to inform you that Global Reach Internet Productions, one of Iowa’s oldest and largest web development firms, has acquired the clients of Captain Jack Communications. Headquartered in Ames for more than 16 years, and with offices in Des Moines and Kansas City, Global Reach has the depth of talent, and commitment to […]

Mar 24, 2011

The number one issue the plagues our customers is old browsers.  It can cause your website to display incorrectly, updates not to show up right,  it also may cause slow surfing and security vulnerabilities. If you are suffering from any of these issues, check the browser version you are currently using, most likely: You’re browser […]

Jan 28, 2011

With the launching of Facebook email and the newest browser, RockMelt—the latest social media browser—I wonder how much control I want to give to my Facebook Account? My answer: as little as possible. I can think of 10,000 reasons not to want anything attached to my Facebook, but the biggest reason came last week. As […]

Nov 12, 2010

By Guest Contributor, Dan A With the number of smart phone users growing, it is vital that businesses utilize the tools necessary to make their website usable for both normal browsers and mobile devices. First of all, web professionals know mobile is very active. The technology utilized by iPhone and Blackberry for smart phones has […]

Nov 12, 2010

At Captain Jack Communications, LLC, we use a specific system to flow through projects. Although every project is unique, we use the same checks and balances on every site to ensure we are making the progress that you agree with on your site. Below is a list of steps we go through when your project […]

Nov 12, 2010

When discussing projects with new clients, the first question we often hear is, “how long until my site is live?” And while this is a fair question, it is not our developers who have control over when the site can go live. After all, this is your site. There is a lot of information and […]

Nov 4, 2010

Communications Network Solutions is now live. Craig (the owner) was fun to work with and easy going. As a former Veteran, Craig understand what it takes to see a project through to the end. This project was particularly interesting because we were able to explore some creative avenues with the design and layout. Check out […]

Nov 1, 2010

An absolutely historic weather event took place on Tuesday, October 26, 2010. It occurred in the Midwest and especially in the State of Minnesota. An incredibly intense low pressure system tracked due north from southern into  northern Minnesota. As it was moving north it kept intensifying so that by Tuesday afternoon it reached a pressure […]

Oct 29, 2010

As winter rapidly approaches, it is inevitable that we will all head inside. And some of won’t re-enter the world until it thaws. If you are not a hibernator—or even if you are—the Des Moines West Side Chamber and DART are trying to keep us out and about. From 5pm until midnight for the next […]