Nov 12, 2010

By Guest Contributor, Dan A

With the number of smart phone users growing, it is vital that businesses utilize the tools necessary to make their website usable for both normal browsers and mobile devices.

First of all, web professionals know mobile is very active. The technology utilized by iPhone and Blackberry for smart phones has been in the market for over four years. We all know by now, media heaviness greatly inhibits users—usually dead cold.

Shown here is an actual iPad screen shots displayed:

For example, a site designed by Captain Jack Communications, LLC contains everything that a great website should have with premier content management capabilities combined with search engine optimization. More importantly, it has always functioned with the Apple iPhone and Blackberry fairly well because of the quality work put into it with high standard implementation.

Not all websites take mobile devices into consideration–especially older ones. If you have a chance use your phone or a borrow a friends and try to visit your website. How long does it take to load? How do the photos look? Did the layout break? Is it even showing up? If you don’t have a website yet, tell your developers from the start of your project, the importance of your mobile presence. By avoiding Flash (for now) and using correctly sized graphics, your site can look good on mobile devices.

But you can have a spiffy looking website and concentrate on good user experiences carried forth by observing the quality web design standards that Captain Jack Communications, LLC provides. Endurance in these fundamentals from true professional designers stands the test of time. Plus Captain Jack Communications has users start everyday with Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and the new Galaxy Tab.

Captain Jack Communications, LLC will build your site and assure mobile accessibility is always on our mind. Let’s face it; experience counts in this area and the people working for you at Captain Jack Communications prove the value of that experience everyday. Whether it is via a computer or a mobile device, that value comes through everywhere!

Contact Captain Jack Communications, LLC to learn about more about your website on mobile devices.

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