Aug 4, 2010

As a new web developer, there is a lot to learn and I expected that when I started at CJC. What I didn’t expect was a language barrier between my colleagues and me. Working with web developers, I now have the opportunity to learn both new skills and a new vocabulary. Below is a list of words that are vital to my understanding of my co-workers and web development.


Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair. “Stacey, WordPress can only do what you tell it, it’s not broken—your code is.” This acronym is meant as a little prod and a reminder, that computers don’t make mistakes as often as humans do.

Domain vs. Hostname vs. URL

This one is easy once you see it.



Content Managements Systems are on the backside of web pages that use databases to grab information and run the site. This allows those who maintain the site to update the website without changing (or knowing) about the code.

Server-Side Scripting vs. Client-Side Scripting

Languages like PHP use server-side scripting, where data is grabbed off the server instead of being rendered on your computer. Client-side scripting allows for interaction within a web page, instead of calling for data from the server.


Developed in 1995, PHP is a programming language that allows web pages to have dynamic content by utilizing server-side scripting.


Is a database management system that gives programmers the option to set up multiple databases with multiple users. It is pronounced My S-Q-L.

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