Nov 12, 2010

When discussing projects with new clients, the first question we often hear is, “how long until my site is live?” And while this is a fair question, it is not our developers who have control over when the site can go live. After all, this is your site. There is a lot of information and communication that needs to happen between our clients and our developers. The time line really depends on how quickly we receive information from our clients and how quickly they respond to our requests. To make sure your website development goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible, here is a list of things you can do before meeting with Captain Jack Communications.

  1. Start writing your content. As soon as you decide you’d like a website, figure out what pages you want to have and what information will fill those pages. This task will be the most challenging and time consuming on your end, so start early!
  2. Gather images, logos, fonts—anything you’d like on your website. Again, the more information you can give us upfront the faster we can move through your project.
  3. Know the function and audience of your website. Are you looking to attract new customers, give information to existing customers, or is this site for vendors or professionals? Knowing your target audience will help build a site that works for your client base.
  4. Find three to five sites you like. Be able to tell the developer what drew you to those specific sites. The ease of navigation, the color, the main layout—any information you can give the designer is helpful.
  5. Consider if you’d like a site you can update on your own or if you’d like Captain Jack Communications, LLC to do the updates for you. Doing your own updates can save money in the long run, but those projects cost more to build.
  6. Look through your developer’s hosting options. Do you need e-mail addresses for your site, how large will your site be? This will determine how expensive your hosting package will be.

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