Nov 12, 2010

At Captain Jack Communications, LLC, we use a specific system to flow through projects. Although every project is unique, we use the same checks and balances on every site to ensure we are making the progress that you agree with on your site. Below is a list of steps we go through when your project enters our work flow.

  1. Meet with the sales team. Discuss what you are thinking about. Decide on  needs versus wants. We may want to break your project up to spread the costs out for your business.
  2. Receive a proposal of features and costs. Decide if the project is headed in the right direction for you.
  3. Sign a contract agreeing to the proposal.
  4. Meet with a designer to discuss the look and feel of your site.
  5. Stage 1: Homepage Approval. The designer will send you a mock-up of your site—this is only a draft of your site. At this point, let the developer know if he is headed in the correct direction. Stage 1 is the time to make corrections or changes. Once you’re happy with the mock-up, sign the Stage One Approval form..
  6. The mock-up the developer showed you is then turned into a functional website. Sending content and photos in at this point will help speed the process along.
  7. Before we send the site to you to examine, we put your site though series of tests to ensure it works correctly in all browsers–checking for any bugs, broken links, etc.
  8. Once the programmer is finished with the layout and has added your content you will be asked to sign a Final Approval Form. Any changes to the basic structure and theme at this point may add both time and cost on to your project.
  9. Once you sign the Final Approval Form, we launch your site!
  10. Any updates to your site can be submitted to for the quickest processing time.

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