General News

Oct 11, 2010

People are often confused when talking about their website, domain name and other pieces of the web hosting puzzle.  Here are how all the different parts of your website relate to each other in one, easy-to-understand article. Domain Name Your domain name is your “address” on the Internet.  The common ones end in .com, .net, […]

General News Tips

Oct 1, 2010

Although the point of social media is to share things quickly and easily with family, friends, or colleagues it is vital to your security that you know what is actually being shared and who has access to it. On Facebook: Change your privacy settings. You can select who views what you post, your photos, contact […]

General News

Aug 19, 2010

Many times I have clients asking me that they would like their home page to be “above the fold.” This thought pattern has come from the newspaper industry where the most important headlines should be above the first half of the front page of a newspaper. However, this is not the case with websites. Life […]